The Paper Plane

A retrospective evaluation of a project, workflow or sprint.

Teamwork, Evaluation

We are specialized in economic playfulness

Paper Plane Pilots

Being playful is an art

Playfulness stimulates creation, innovation, resilience and ownership in your organization. Economic playfulness means making a systematic and conscious choice to use the power of play. Learn how to master it.

The science of playfulness

Although it may feel counterintuitive to invest in play in your organization, there is plenty of scientific proof that playfulness boosts economy and business. Playfulness makes your team more efficient and your company more profitable.

Start playing (more)

Start today by using some of our techniques for playfulness. All you need is a team of playful people with the right mindset. We will show you how to roll double sixes, again and again and again.

Can we play along?

Playing makes you grow, even when you're a grown-up. Discover how our team of pilots can help your organization grow. When you're ready to add playfulness to your toolset, we are happy to fold your paper plane with you.