What is our story?

Hilde van Dyck, chief pilot of  the Paper Plane Pilots, has a background in entrepreneuring, product development and innovation. She founded co-creation space House of Innovation, UX consulting firm Monkeyshot, retreat farm Farm Of Inspiration and co-founded Service Design agency Peel.

From early on in her career, Hilde practised the art of playfulness without calling it that. Her experiences nourished a deep interest in playfulness as an economically beneficial mechanism and led her to studying the neuroscience of play.

Today (a cathartic aha-erlebnis and many years later) Hilde has gathered a team of Paper Plane Pilots around her. Together we are ready and happy to help you reap the rewards of our story too.

Why do we do it?

We help you fold your paper plane

BECAUSE: Playfulness is the key to a creative economy

We are in the middle of a transition from an informative to a creative economy.
Playfulness will be the key characteristic of that new economy.

ALSO BECAUSE: Playfulness solves the empathy gap

We believe that companies that focus on business and customer experience without investing in their personnel risk creating an empathy gap.

ANOTHER BECAUSE:  Playfulness matches people with their talents

We love people that put their talents to good use.
Through play people get in touch with their creative side and learn to use that in their everyday tasks.

Who do we do it for?

The individual

Experience the power of playfulness through our tailored approached. Join one of our open training or book an eye-opening private session to unleash your true potential.

The team

Unlock playfulness in your team. Together, we establish a common language for innovation. Our co-created paper plane flies towards breakthrough ideas and solutions.

The organization

Embed playfulness in your organization’s core. Request our paper services or our plane services to plug in play into your mission, values or business philosophy. Playfulness has a value on every level of your undertaking.